Lo scarto linguistico in “Lignes de faille” di Nancy Huston

Valeria Sperti (Università della Basilicata)


The Linguistic Swerve in "Lignes de faille" by  Nancy Huston

This essay aims to examine the evolution of Nancy Huston's linguistic identity by analyzing the translation practice that the writer has carried through in her novel Lignes de Faille, self-translated, as she stated, from English to French. The self-translation of Lignes de faille intewines with fiction and the linguistic problems experienced by the writer are a recurrent theme in the novel, whose  characters are mostly polyglots. Nancy Huston's writing appears fostered by linguistic distances, particularly by the gap between English and French.

DOI: 10.1400/197627


Letteratura XX secolo; francese; inglese; autotraduzione