L'unicità dissimile: il carattere musicale dell'autotraduzione in “Plainsong / Cantique des plaines” di Nancy Huston

Anna Lapetina (Università della Basilicata)


The Dissimilar Uniqueness: the Musical Quality of Self-Translation in "Plainsong/Cantique des plaines" by Nancy Huston

In Nancy Huston’s writing there are a lot of references to music, in the form of simple quotations referring to musical works, textual reworking of specific sound forms or novelization of a musical style. Particularly, in both versions of the novel Plainsong / Cantique des plaines, written in English and self-translated in French, the author uses a melodic linguistic style which materialize in a different way the narrative content. As a matter of fact, in English novel the monotony of writing, based on plainchant, pictures the mournful Canadian landscape, whereas in French text the expansion of melodious sentences correspond to the religious musical form depicted in the title.

DOI: 10.1400/197626


Musica; autotraduzione; Nancy Huston; francese; inglese