Le 'migrazioni linguistiche' e l'autotraduzione di Mario Duliani

Fabiana Fusco (Università di Udine)


Linguistic Migrations’ and Self-Translation by Marco Duliani

The aim of this essay is to bring to light an account, the only one written by an Italian inside a Canadian internment camp, of important historical-literary significance. The account is Mario Duliani’s La ville sans femmes published in 1945 and followed by the Italian translation done by Duliani himself in 1946 (La città senza donne). This essay, comparing the two texts, analyses the double bilingual and bicultural affiliations of the author-translator, his stylistic adaptation of the Source Text and self-censorship or deliberate omissions and expansions.

DOI: 10.1400/197622


Autotraduzione; plurilinguismo letterario; analisi contrastiva; francese; italiano